<aside> 💡 Creators first. That’s our philosophy. We’re only here to provide a platform to enable you to do what you do best, FREE of charge.


<aside> 🔥 Applications for Cohort 3 are CLOSED. Please check back at another time for more info on future applications.



If you’re an up and coming NFT project on Cardano or an artist/creator looking to launch your first CNFT collection, JPG Store Launchpad is for you ✨

Our program is here to make it as easy and accessible as possible for creators to begin sharing their work through NFTs on Cardano. The JPG Store team is partnering with leading creators in the Cardano community to help YOU get your project off the ground. It’s currently completely free, and powered by a community who wants to see you succeed.

See past mentors from Cohort 1!

What we’ll provide for you

✅ Guaranteed verification on jpg.store before you launch

We’ll ensure your project is live on our store right after minting so people can start buying and selling right away. You’ll also start earning royalties with every sale 💛

🗝 Help with minting process

This includes the proper structuring of your metadata. Proper structuring allows for instant verification on JPG, trait filtering, and the use of rarity charts on JPG and other marketplaces. Most people find this part tricky for the first time and we’ll provide you with the guidance to get started.

👥 Mentorship and community

During our first Cohort, we had collections such as Clay Mates, Clumsy Ghosts, Veggie Mates, and Yummi Universe, Ugly Bros, Chilled Kongs, and Goat Tribe who were eager to share their insights on how to build an engaged community and create long term success. Mentors for Cohort 3 is still TBD! You will also be placed in a private group chat with first time NFT creators in your cohort, so you can share resources, ask questions, and get to know more people in the community.

🔥 Marketing