As of January 28 10:30am PST

💡 If you’re seeing transactions fail, please read this

As of January 15 11:48am PST

⚠️ The blockchain is under heavy load!

This means that BUYING, SELLING or UPDATING assets may not work accordingly and may take much longer. This is currently out of our control, but when the congestion is high it has a negative effect on our marketplace experience. You can view the current load of the blockchain at

⚙️ How to Resolve Common Issues

Our most commonly reported issues are listed below. Please click ► on an issue for more information on how to resolve it.

You get an error message saying “Oops, something went wrong!” when trying to buy, list, or sell an item

The status of your item is showing up as Failed in the Activity tab, and is missing from your For Sale tab after failing

Your item is not showing up in your wallet, or For Sale tab after listing

You see “Insufficient funds!” when you have enough funds when trying to purchase

You see “Insufficient funds**!**” when trying to list/delist your item.

You see “Collateral not set” when trying to list your item.

Your asset is stored in someone else's wallet address?